Posted by Jill on 27th May 2021

Sanity Saving Trip Packing Tips + Calihoo's Latest New Merch

I don't know about you....but after a LONG year and a half, I am READY to hit the road this summer! After a missed year last summer, our family national park road trip tradition resumes in just a week! I love freedom and adventure in my travels but precision and control in my packing for the trips. Not to brag....but I think I have our trip packing down to a bit of a science :) So I'm sharing that today in case any of you have a multi-destination trip coming up and could benefit from my packing OCD.

You're going to need some plastic storage containers that are rectangular and stackable and a LOT of gallon-sized plastic zip bags (I reuse my bags year after year for our trips so it's not adding to landfill waste) I've linked the boxes I suggest below. The sterilite boxes are great if your trip is a true road trip. The Contico Rolling Boxes are great if your trip will include flights and driving to multiple destinations. This year each of us have our own box, but with shorter trips or smaller kids, you can easily fit 2 people's clothes into one box. 

Once you have your boxes and bags, the rest is simple.....each outfit you pack should be folded down small and put in its own gallon-sized zipper bag with the air squeezed out. You can then line all your outfit bags up in your box. When you get to a location, you grab just the number of outfits you need for that stop rather than hauling in all the luggage. Throw your family's selected outfit bags into a large mesh laundry bag (linked below) and that's all you need to carry in, along with your smaller luggage of toiletries. The laundry bag is then a great place to store your dirty laundry and empty gallon bags until you can wash the clothes and re-bag them. I throw our shoes in our boxes on top of all the bagged clothes and, that way, when we stop somewhere for a couple days, we can grab just the shoes we need for that stop as well. Trust me, you will LOVE this packing method. It will save your digging through luggage for the shirt you're looking packing and unpacking your hauling huge luggage in at every stop along the way. If you want to see me walk through all of this, catch the replay of today's FB Live here

Of course road tripping is not my only passion.....fabulous, unique artisan jewelry is as well! So when I'm not packing, I've been stocking the shop with some great new pieces and I'm sharing a few of those with you today as well. What adventures do you have planned this summer? There are plenty to be had locally if travel is not in your plan. I'd love to hear about it! Watch the blog if you want to "come along" with me and my kids this summer. I'll be posting our national park and other Northwest US travel highlights here once a week while we're out. Have a question about my trip packing tips, or the new merch, or just need help finding a gift or the perfect accessory for your fave new outfit? Drop me an email at, I'd be happy to help! All of today's links are at the bottom of this post after the photos.

The Merch:

Violet Burst Earring:

Color Pop Necklace:

Nantucket Earring (one pair left!):

Double Heart Earring:

Daisy Chandelier Earring:

Deco Stud:

Nautical Earring:

Spangle Enamel Stretch Bracelet:

Bow-dacious Earring:

The Packing Supplies:

Sterilite Boxes:

Contigo Rolling Storage box:

Mesh Laundry Bag: