Hello and welcome to Calihoo!  My name is Jill Moore and I'm Calihoo's founder.  I'm just a Midwestern gal who loves her home but who also happens to LOVE the coastal communities in California.  The first time my toes hit that California sand and I took in the Pacific surf with all my senses, my heart sang, "CALIHOO!" A love affair was born.  I travel to the coast with my husband and three children as often as possible.  While vacations are priceless, I believe we can all make our own "Calihoo Moments" in our routine daily lives as well. With Calihoo, I've curated beautiful, quality pieces from talented artisans.  Each piece brings that "Calihoo" feeling to my heart and I hope they will speak to you as well.  Whether you're a fan of the Pacific Coast, or you're more a New Englander (that's a fabulous coast too!) or anywhere in between (the corn fields on my Grandparent's farm also ignite that Calihoo emotion within me). I hope you'll find pieces here to cherish and spark that feeling of joy within yourself even on your Monday-ist of Mondays.